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Meet the new Homie

11 Apr

Al-Hawd Institute is pleased to announce that we are now recruiting our next generation of instructors.

And what we want to show you, our wonderful customers students, is how Dayyaaam cool we are and they are. Gone are the days of Islamic lectures presented by big-bearded guys who studied for umpteen years at some Islamic university. We have listened to what you guys are saying you want and will shortly be presenting this year’s new instructor: he is cool, he is slick and he’s a surfer dude. He’s an Islamic instructor but he’s also chic and sophisticated: he doesn’t eat curries, he snacks on organic vegetables while he reflects from his balcony overlooking the ocean.

Are you pumped up? We are?

Got what it takes?

While this year’s new instructor has been hired we will shortly be accepting applications for next year’s instructor vacancy. The theme is “Bad Boy – Good Heart.” Minimal requirements are a history of having smoked weed at least 5 times and performed at least two bunjee jumps. Applicants who went out with a white girl in their jahiliyah will be looked upon favourably.