Gorgeous Georgina helps out unlikely admirer

17 Feb

Police were called to the Shams Mosque in the Tooting area of London yesterday following a disturbance caused by one of it’s worshippers.

Imam Shafayat speaking exclusively to TBM said that the worshipper had burst into the mosque office with obscene material and started waving it in the faces of other worshippers. “This is a holy place, this mosque. You can’t be running into the Mosque with the Sun newspaper can you? It’s disgusting. He came in running around shouting ‘alhumdulillah Imam, I caught my son looking at Page 3!'” I told him “May God guide you, why are you praising him for this? And he said ‘alhumdulillah, it means he’s not gay.'”

The man is then reported to have gone to the prayer hall and started praying at which time the Imam made a quick call to the police. When pressed on his own views regarding homosexuality the Imam excused himself saying he had an engagement sitting in a panel meeting with his local MP.


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