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Muslims celebrate unity step forward

15 Mar

A section of the Muslim community was rejoicing this morning making an announcement that big unity for the ummah was on it’s way. Brother Abdul, spokesman for the Muslim Firqatun-Najiyah Foundation told us more.

“It all started a couple of days ago when Myriam Francois wrote some nasty tweets about iERA and salafis. We really felt bad because, yeah she’s a bit of a feminist, and she was blasting us salafis for having segregated talks. She completely twisted and exaggerated what happened and was espousing teachings that neither Ibn Baz nor Ibn al-Uthaymeen nor al-Albani nor their noble reliable representatives in the uk ever did.”

Abdul looks sad, but then a smile returns to his face “but then this morning my wife told me that she had retracted and taken back her criticism of segregation, salafiyya and Saudi sponsored dawah, and it shows quite clearly that everything is ok now between her and iERA.”

He shows me the tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 22.24.47

I question him as to whether this one-off event actually means anything in the wider scheme of things, after all Myriam is only one person. Abdul is eager to announce more. “But that’s not all! We were reading Usama Hasan’s blog and we noted with great joy that he wrote that he is praying for unity and brotherhood to prevail at Masjid Tawheed. And that can mean only one thing!” What is that, I ask him? “Well we discussed it over dinner at Sahara Grill and we all agree that it can only mean that he is about to retract his view that Adam had ape like parents! Alhumdulillah! eh?”