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Congresswoman’s shooting condemned by all sides

9 Jan

Groups from across the political spectrum have come out today to express their sadness at the horrific shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, the Republican senator for Arizona.

Samantha Gellar, author of popular right-wing blog “Venus’ Shoulders” issued the following statement:

“This is not fair at all. A tragedy as horrible as this happens very rarely but when it does you hope and you pray that its going to be a Mozlem thats responsible, but in this case its not. I’ve been looking up to heaven and asking God, ‘why couldn’t it be someone who was brown-skinned, with a big beard and Abdul as his surname?! Because its people like Abdul-whats-his-name who arethe real criminals here! Its just not fair!”

Across the divide a spokesperson for superamericanmuslims.com shared those same sentiments:

“This is so unfortunate. We were sitting watching CNN waiting for confirmation that the shooter was named Abdul; we would have been the first to condemn such actions.

That the shooting has been carried out by a 21 year old gora has sadly rid us of the opportunity to condemn a Muslim and show the American public who we really stand shoulder to shoulder with. And despite the fact that the American public won’t pay attention to us and keep blaming us for everything anyway, it will not swerve us from showing that we are all brothers in America.”