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Saudis bolster Human Rights Coalition

2 Jan

Riyadh (TBM). The Saudi Human Rights Commission has joined a powerful coalition of human rights groups who are intensifying pressure on the UK government to abandon its use of control orders.

Parvaiz Javed, writing to TBM on behalf the Chairman of the SHRC, Dr Bandar al-Qirdi, who was unavailable due to a late night coffee-drinking session, said that control orders serve no purpose and are a waste of taxpayers money. “We are very much against this bloody waste of money. Why you cannot see that what you people are doing is wrong?” He said in an email, “Here in Saudi, we are taking no prisoners or control orders or anything. Miscreants are not existing here.”

Whitehall insiders have told TBM that such an unlikely ally is likely to strengthen the governments hand rather than weaken it.